Ten years after creating an online advent calendar of holiday horror shorts, Beck Underwood and Glass Eye Pix are back! Underwood and the New York based production company, headed by Larry Fessenden (Wendigo, Habit), has created an all new 25-Day advent calendar to thrill and chill us starting on December 1st.

These macabre tales will be unveiled each day on the official Creepy Christmas Film Festival website and soc ial media pages. The filmmaker line-up includes Glenn McQuaid (I Sell The Dead), Jen Wexler (The Ranger), Fessenden himself, and Shudder’s The Core host Mickey Keating (Psychopaths, Darling) and many more. You can also order a pretty eerie physical advent calendar to follow along with each day. And while you wait for the frightful fun to begin, visit the site to watch the ghoulish shorts from 2008 as well.

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So how did this yuletide madness begin? Artist Beck Underwood explains:

In 2008, I made an advent calendar for Glass Eye Pix. After completing the diorama and photos for the original calendar, I felt there were more stories to be had from the little scenarios behind each window. I was lucky enough to find a group of artists who rose to the challenge. They received the objects from the window in the mail, their due date and with no additional direction, whipped up some wicked visions. After 10 years, speaking with filmmaker Ben Duff, who was still a teenager when the first fest premiered, I decided to send out the random missive again with Ben co-curating, bringing his eye to the mix of contributors.

Glass Eye Pix CEO Larry Fessenden adds, “We’re always looking for forums to get people to loosen up, forget about budgets, and rekindle their love of filmmaking and mischief making. Beck’s festival does just that, and it’s a real treat to see what artists of all stripes come up with for the assignment. ‘Creepy’ blended with the absurdly iconic, over-saturated imagery of the Christmas season… ‘Deck the Halls’ indeed!”

With only days until this ghoulish countdown begins, will you be catching up on 2008’s terrifying tales? Tell us over at Twitter, Reddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook.



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