Guide to Attending This Year’s Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

The 44th annual NYC Village Halloween Parade will be lighting up the streets of the Greenwich Village this Halloween, Tuesday, October 31st, 2017. This festive event started in 1974 and has grown to be the largest Halloween celebration in the United States. The Village Halloween Parade features artists, dancers, bands of all types of musical genres, and spooky life-sized puppets. One of the best parts about this parade is that anyone in costume can be a part of the procession. If you’d like to attend or participate in the Village Halloween Parade, read the information below for details on how to be a part of the festivities this year.



route of Halloween parade

Attending The NYC Village Halloween Parade

The parade always takes place on Halloween night, starting at 7 pm and usually lasting until 9 pm with some additional festivities ending around 11 pm. Over 2 million people attend this event each year. So, if you want a good view of the parade, it is highly recommended that you come a few hours early. The procession starts at Spring Street and Sixth Avenue and ends at Sixteenth Street and Sixth Avenue. If you want to be in the parade, you will need to line up at the starting point before 6:30 pm. Anyone not in costume will not be allowed to walk in the parade.

Since the Village Halloween Parade is attended by large amounts of people, do not try to drive to the event. Many of the streets around the parade will be blocked off or too crowded to move through. The NJ Path train, the subway lines and many bus routes all have stops located close to the parade. If you are coming from somewhere outside of New York City, it is highly recommended that you come by train or bus instead of by car.

Parents should use discretion when bringing their children to the event. While many parents do bring their kids to the parade, the event still has a reputation for being a bit wild. So keep that in mind before heading down to the Village on Halloween.

For those who can’t attend, the parade will be broadcasted on the local New York channel, NY1.

If you live in or will be visiting the Greater New York area and want to attend other Halloween events, check out what is happening in Sleepy Hollow, New York.


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