Fox Searchlight has picked up Antlers, a horror film co-written by Channel Zero creator, Nick Antosca. The film is set to be produced by Guillermo del Toro, whose most recent film, The Shape of Water, was also released by Fox Searchlight.


According to The Tracking Board, Antlers,

follows a fourth-grade teacher who tries to help a troubled boy in her class, only to discover that he’s been hiding a nightmarish secret. Now something terrifying is coming for the boy, and she has to protect him. 


ANTLERS & Antosca’s History of Horror

Antosca is no stranger to the horror genre. He co-produced NBC’s short lived (but well-loved) series, Hannibal, and is creator of the aforementioned anthology series, Channel Zero. Channel Zero adapts well-known creepypastas (internet urban legends) for the small screen. Season one focused on Candle Cove, a children’s television show that brainwashes the audience. The second season, The No-End House, is the story of Margot Sleator, who visits a house of horrors in which each room is more terrifying and dangerous than the last. SyFy has already committed to seasons three and four of the series. Antosca also wrote a reboot of Friday the 13th that was ultimately scrapped by Paramount before even beginning production.

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Newcomer, Henry Chaisson, co-wrote Antlers with Antosca. David S. Goyers will be producing the film, alongside del Toro. Goyers is best known for writing the Blade Trilogy and worked with del Toro on Blade II. Antosca has also worked with Goyers, in the past, on the film, The Forest, released by Gramercy Pictures in 2016.

As a master of horror, Guillermo del Toro can surely add a great deal to Antosca’s vision. If Channel Zero and Hannibal are any indication of what’s to come, Antosca surely has a bright future in the genre.

There are no details regarding a possible release date for Antlers.