Netflix is known for pushing a vast amount of original content that has garnered quite a bit of popularity throughout the years. Without missing a beat, an official announcement made by the streaming giant revealed a stop motion musical of the classic Disney film, Pinocchio, is in the works and Guillermo del Toro will be attached to the project as writer, producer, and director. Production for the film project will begin in the Fall and will be set in Italy during the 1930’s, a time when the Fascist Party held government control; harsh political climates are a common theme in del Toro’s movies. For those unfamiliar with the story of Pinocchio, the plot revolves around a wooden puppet that dreams of becoming a real boy.

Guillermo del Toro released a statement through Netflix regarding the Pinocchio project stating, “No art form has influenced my life and my work more than animation and no single character in history has had as deep of a personal connection to me as Pinocchio,” said del Toro in a statement. “In our story, Pinocchio is an innocent soul with an uncaring father who gets lost in a world he cannot comprehend. He embarks on an extraordinary journey that leaves him with a deep understanding of his father and the real world. I’ve wanted to make this movie for as long as I can remember.


Netflix and del Toro have previously collaborated on other projects including Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia, an animated series produced by Dreamworks in 2016, which del Toro created, wrote, and produced. Netflix is no stranger to producing children friendly content under their Netflix Kids and Family umbrella. Current VP for Netflix Kids and Family, Melissa Cobb, shared kind words in relation to Guillermo del Toro’s involvement stating, “Throughout his distinguished career, Guillermo has exhibited mastery in inspiring people through his magical worlds filled with unforgettable and magnificent characters, from the monsters in Pan’s Labyrinth to the aquatic creature in The Shape of Water. We are incredibly excited to expand our relationship with Guillermo and we know that his deeply touching vision for bringing Pinocchio to life on Netflix will be embraced by audiences the world over.

The film will also be co-produced by The Jim Henson Company as well as co-directed by Mark Gustafson (animation director for Fantastic Mr. Fox). Puppet developers for Pinocchio will be crafted by Ian Mackinnon and Peter Saunders of Mackinnon and Saunders Ltd, who are most notably known for Corpse Bride and Mars Attacks!

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