Last winter Netflix gave us the gift that was the Dreamworks animated series Trollhunters.  Created by Guillermo del Toro, Trollhunters tells the tale of Jim Lake Jr.; an ordinary boy who, through the power of a magical amulet, becomes the first human Troll Hunter.  With this new power Jim discovers a whole world of creatures underneath his small town of Arcadia.  Accompanied by his best friends Claire and Toby, Jim navigates this new world and manages to make friends (and enemies) along the way.

Netflix has recently announced that this much loved show will be returning Friday, December 15th. Thirteen episodes have been reported for this new season, which is more than enough for Jim and company to have plenty of new adventures. It appears that this new season will pick up right where the last one left off; with Jim entering the mysterious and dangerous Darklands.  Check out the trailer for this new season below:


Apart from the incredible story that creates the foundation for Trollhunters, the amazing cast of voice actors really make the characters come to life.  Kelsey Grammer does a tremendous job as Blinky, Jim’s trainer, advisor and teacher in the ways of the Troll world.  He even won a Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program.”  Lexi Medrano (Modern Family) voices the smart and sassy Claire, while Charlie Saxton (Hung) brings the comic relief as the clumsy and sweet Toby.  The late Anton Yelchin (Green Room, Star Trek: Beyond) voices the main character Jim. Voice recording was completed before his untimely death, and Yelchin’s voice will continue to bring Jim to life in this new season. An incredible talent and gone way too soon, Season 2 of Trollhunters will provide fans of Yelchin one last opportunity to experience that talent.

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Can’t get enough Trollhunters and already lamenting at only 13 episodes? Well, fear not.  Apart from the series itself, there also appears to be a few spin-off series in the work.  Del Toro himself recently announced the Tales of Arcadia Trilogy which will apparently consist of not only Trollhunters, but a series titled 3Below (slated for 2018) and Wizards (currently planned for 2019).  Confused? Don’t be.  It seems only natural that this universe would be expanded and, with the loss of Yelchin, almost a necessity. Here’s a trailer that helps explain: