Halloween is arguably the most anticipated horror film of 2018. Its been almost a decade since Rob Zombie’s reboot and horror fans have waited impatiently for signs of life from the franchise. Several sequel ideas were proposed over the years. At one point, even the My Bloody Valentine 3D creators, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer, were attached to the project. Fortunately for us Dimension Films lost the rights to the franchise when these ideas failed to pan out.

Blumhouse Productions acquired the rights to the Halloween franchise in 2016. John Carpenter then announced that he would be consulting on the new film, though there was some skepticism when David Gordon Green and Danny McBride were attached to the screenplay. Nevertheless, Green and McBride assured fans that their treatment was faithful to the spirit of the original. Blumhouse have since continued to build confidence in the project with each subsequent announcement. First Jamie Lee Curtis announced her return as Laurie Strode, then John Carpenter confirmed that he will also be creating the film’s score. Even Nick Castle will be returning to reprise his role as The Shape!


Jason Blum Halloween News
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This past Friday horror fans got some more exciting news. Jason Blum made the following announcement on his Twitter account:

Halloween update: We should be seeing a cut within 6 weeks. How’s that?!?!

Seems like a teaser trailer could be just around the corner. Horror fans have been craving any tidbit of information about the new Halloween. Even just a small clip will give fans some insight into the visual look, sound, and tone of the film.

Halloween began filming on January 13th, 2018, and wrapped up principal photography on February 19th, 2018. While it is the eleventh film in the franchise, this Halloween film directly follows the events of the original, ignoring all other sequels. After a long wait, horror fans can see the new Halloween this upcoming October 19th. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the original Halloween.