After waiting for what felt to most like an eternity, Michael Myers and Laurie Strode returned to theaters for a showdown that was – in this Halloween timeline – 40 years in the making. One can only watch the movie to see who came out as the final victor in that showdown. As for the film itself, it is the victor of the showdown at the box office.

BoxOfficeMojo reported that Thursday night previews started off strong with $7.7 million dollars, besting The Nun‘s $5.7 million in previews while nearly reaching Venom‘s $10 million Thursday night numbers. Venom may have eaten up its Thursday night previews, but Halloween was projected to stalk its way to a higher opening weekend take. As of Saturday, it was poised to score an $80.3 million opening. If that number had stuck, it would have beat Venom‘s $80.25 million, and also would have taken the title of highest opening weekend in October.


While Venom still reigns as the October champion, Halloween came in a close second with an estimated weekend gross of $77.5 mil. That is still a freaking spectacular opening for the film and for the franchise in general. That gross obliterates the prior highest opener for the franchise which was 2007’s Halloween remake directed by Rob Zombie. Zombie’s interpretation made $26.3 mil. Blumhouse’s Halloween made nearly three times as much! Not only that, this weekend – alone – beats any of the total grosses of all the previous Halloweens’ total gross, not counting for inflation.

In the below post from Jamie Lee Curtis’ official Instagram, she makes note of a few other titles that Halloween gained, this weekend: Biggest Horror Movie Opening with a Female Lead, Second Biggest Horror Opening Ever, and Biggest Movie Opening with a Female Lead Over 55.



One can only imagine the smiles on Jason Blum, David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, and everyone else involved with the production’s faces matches that of Jamie Lee Curtis’. They took a huge risk in erasing all of the sequels in honor of creating this film, and it seems that the risk has paid off. The real champion, here, is Jamie Lee Curtis. She has avidly promoted and loved on this film for almost a year. Her enthusiasm over Laurie Strode‘s story has been nothing short of infectious. To see the original final girl come back 40 years later with such love and respect for her character as well as the original film and all of its components was an amazing thing to experience.

Whether you liked, loved, hated, or can’t decide your feelings on the film, expect official word on a sequel to Green’s Halloween at any moment. Possibly expect other icon giants to be announced, as well, as money has spoken, and Hollywood will answer. Whatever pops up, let’s all hope that it’s given the respect and enthusiasm that Halloween has received.

What did you think about Halloween? What other icon giants would you like to see return to the big screen? Better yet, what original final girls would you like to see return in the vein of erasing all sequels of a franchise? Shout it out at us over on Twitter or the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook.