Okay fiends, we have less than six months to go before Michael Myers terrorizes us again. Not that we’re counting down or anything. As we sit back and wait to see what this new Halloween  film holds for us, it seems we are one step closer to seeing what’s in store. This week, attendees of CinemaCon were lucky enough to view the trailer for David Gordon Green’s Halloween. While we all patiently wait to see the trailer for ourselves, we are all wondering, “but when can we see it?”

Thankfully Nick Castle, who is reprising his role of The Shape, reached out to David Gordon Green to ask when the trailer might be revealed to the public. Initially Nick Castle tweeted “Was in touch with DGG today. He says ‘I don’t think it will be for a month or two.’ That’s from horses mouth. Stay tuned.”. But not long after that tweet, we got another one from Castle: “More from DGG: ‘They might fast track it based on positive response.'”


But how fast? All of us horror fiends want “fast track” to mean tomorrow, or better yet – today. But regardless of how long it may take for us to see it with our own eyes, through all the reviews I’ve seen of the trailer one thing seems common. This movie is going to be scary.

Several news outlets who were able to check out the trailer at CinemaCon have shared a synopsis of the trailer.  Gizmodo was lucky enough to get the chance to see the trailer and nice enough to share a detailed rundown of the footage. In the film, it sounds like the public’s fascination with true crime has drawn a camera crew to the cover the horrific events of Halloween 1978 in Haddonfield, Illinois. Somewhere along the way, Myers escapes the mental institution he is being kept in via bus crash, and of course – makes his way home. There our favorite final girl is waiting for him. Waiting forty years, Laurie Strode, now a grandmother, has prepared for the day when she can have her revenge for the events of Halloween 1978. That day is finally here.

Halloween opens October 19, 2018.


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