Here we go again! Blumhouse has confirmed Happy Death Day 2 is happening, as reported by Deadline. It is no surprise after the original made close to $123 million worldwide. Production is to start on May 10th, 2018. There isn’t officially a synopsis for the film as of yet. We do know that Christopher Landon is returning as the writer and director.

Returning for the sequel is Jessica Roethe as the sorority girl Tree Gelbman. Her love interest Israel Broussard has also signed on for the sequel, reprising his role of Carter Davis. The rumor is that joining them is Suraj Sharma and Sarah Yarkin. Sharma has credits in films like Life of Pi and Million Dollar Arm, but nothing in the horror genre as of yet. He will play Samar Ghosh who is a science enthusiast and a geek who enjoys coding. Yarkin was in an episode American Horror Story, during the latest season, Cult. For Happy Death Day 2, she will portray a character named Dre Morgan. Rumor is she will also be a science geek and tom-boy who is Samar’s partner in crime.


The original film did not delve into an explanation was why Tree was stuck in a Groundhog’s Day loop of the day she was murdered. With the addition of Samar and Dre, as well as their scientific background, it might shed some light on the reasons why. Director Christopher B. Landon even confirmed this as well. Rothe stated this film will pick up where the last one left one with a Back to the Future style.

It isn’t that surprising as well that Blumhouse would move forward with this sequel. They’ve been very smart in their system of making films for smaller budgets that deliver  good returns.  Happy Death Day had a production budget of $4.8 million dollars. Even if you double that for advertising, the film domestically almost brought back twice the total budget for the film. The first was a fun, PG-13 slasher and it is intriguing to see where they will take it for the sequel.

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