I probably don’t need to convince you to go see Hellboy next year. If you’re a horror fan at all, the film adaptation of Mike Mignola’s brilliant monster hunter comic book is probably already on your list of things to see. Maybe what I’m about to tell you then, is more of a “sweeten the pot” factoid. In fact, for horror fans there aren’t many sweeter pots than one full of practical special effects. And at NYCC today, Hellboy star David Harbour confirmed that that’s exactly what we’re going to get.


Famous as Stranger Things’ Sheriff Hopper, Harbour took to the Verizon stage at NYCC today to talk everything Hellboy. Harbour mentioned that many of the special effects in the movie are, in fact, practical. “It’s a monster movie,” said the actor, “You know, it’s straight out of Frankenstein, just updated for 2018.” Harbour described several scenes in the film in which two practical monsters would be speaking with each other. “There’s a weight to that you can feel,” he said, praising the visual warmth of a practical, makeup-driven monster. The actor went on to say that his character wouldn’t be CGI, “like [Avengers: Infinity Wars] Thanos.” When the audience laughed at the accidental “shade throwing,” Harbour clarified: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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It’s a monster movie […] straight out of Frankenstein, just updated for 2018″


Hellboy creator Mike Mignola was also on stage for the panel, where he talked about Harbour’s interpretation of the character. “My wife and I were watching Stranger Things,” said the comic book legend. “And when Hopper comes on screen, my wife said ‘That guy should play Hellboy.’ Two weeks later we got a call from the producers and they said ‘What do you think of David Harbour as Hellboy?’ It was weird.

With backing like that from the franchise’s creator and the commitment to practical horror, Hellboy is shaping up to be nothing less than a smash hit. Plus, the film is directed by Neil Marshall, who horror fans know from The Descent and Dog Soldiers. Finally, let’s just say that there may or may not have been some footage of the new film at the panel. And in this reporters humble opinion, that hypothetical footage was incredible.

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