It’s been over 30 years since the Cenobites first graced the big screen. Based on Clive Barker’s own novella, The Hellbound Heart, the classic film gave the world a fascinating group of monsters who have plagued a variety of hapless victims. |Over nine films they have torn apart the souls of all that cross their path. And soon, they will visit us again. That’s right, Hellraiser 10 is on its way, and, as were the last five entries, it’s being released direct to video. For all you Hell-heads out there, mark your calendars for February 13, because that’s when you can get your hands on Hellraiser: Judgement. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The announcement was unofficial as the release date for Judgment was posted to Amazon (and discovered by, but it seems that February 13 is the day for the latest entry in the Hellraiser franchise. Gary J. Tunnicliffe, who wrote 2011’s Hellraiser: Revelations and has supervised the make-up effects on each film since Hellraiser III, is the writer and director of Judgment. Sadly though, Doug Bradley opted to not return as Pinhead. That honor, instead, goes to Paul T. Taylor, who’s taking over from Stephen Smith Collins (Hellraiser: Revelations).


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As to the story…

“Detectives Sean and David Carter are on the case to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton, they dig deeper into a spiraling maze of horror that may not be of this world. Could the Judgment awaiting the killer’s victims also be waiting for Sean?”

Damon Carney, Randy Wayne, and Alexandra Harris play the three detectives, but the biggest get is A Nightmare on Elm Street star Heather Langenkamp as an “obscene, cigarette-smoking landlady.” Tunnicliffe has indicated that this story could lead to future installments in the series if warranted, but for years, the possibility of a remake of the original Hellraiser has also been in the ether. Sadly, Barker himself said earlier this year that any chance of a remake was going nowhere fast.

As for Hellraiser: Judgement, make your Valentine’s Day plans now!