Since it’s wide theatrical release, Hereditary has garnered quite a reaction from critics, hailing it as one of the scariest films since The Exorcist. To the film’s credit, it’s equipped with a solid storyline and plenty of terrifying subtleties that’ll haunt your psyche well after the credits roll. As cast members have received plenty of online buzz for their stellar performances, Milly Shapiro’s character Charlie, continues to disarm audiences with her peculiar characteristics (blank stares and tongue clucking) in addition to her eerie delivery of the films most haunting moments. In a recent interview with Uproxx’s Vince Mancini, Milly Shapiro offers insight as to audience reaction and feedback to Hereditary.

In contrast to critics, Audience reactions are divided as to whether or not Hereditary has truly delivered a terrifying experience. Shapiro sheds some light by stating, “It’s about psychological scares, and I think a lot of people weren’t really sure what to expect when they went in. They just expected the typical modern horror movie, which is a bunch of jump scares, and you’re not really supposed to think about it, everything is handed to you.” With a critical consensus harbouring within praiseworthy territory, Shapiro feels audience members may have perhaps gone to see the film with a different frame of mind. In expressing her satisfaction with Hereditary’s fresh take on delivering terror without the use of jump-scares, she continues,


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But Hereditary isn’t really like that, and I think all the reviewers were going in with an open mind, and I think a lot of the people going in to see the film that didn’t like it weren’t really open to the new ideas of it.


Although Hereditary is Milly Shapiro’s first feature film, she is a seasoned actress with credits such as the broadway musical, Matilda, earning her a Tony Award for Excellence in Theatre in 2013, as well as a Grammy nomination for Best Musical Theater Album the following year in 2014 (Kinky Boots was awarded Grammy winner). In 2016, Shapiro starred as Sally Brown in the off-Broadway revival of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Shapiro has shared her gratitude of not only her opportunity on Hereditary, but to the fans who recognize and praise her work. She made sure to make it clear that she’s always willing to say hello and chat with fans. She shares, “I’ll say, “Hi,” and stuff. I’m a nice person, I’m not creepy. I’m not cutting heads off pigeons.

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