The music industry can be killer, we all know this, but the upcoming thriller High Voltage wants to explore that idea very, very closely. The trailer dropped recently just ahead of it’s release October 19th. High Voltage has some stiff competition at the box office that weekend, but I’m sure you can find time to see 2 horror movies this Halloween. Especially given that the film boasts horror veteran David Arquette, Luke Wilson and Allie Gonino.


Surely you’ll remember Arquette as Dewey Riley in Scream as well as its sequels. He also has appeared in cult favourites Bone Tomahawk and Eight Legged Freaks. Luke Wilson has ventured into horror with 2007’s Vacancy as well as Scream 2 as Billy in the fictional film Stab and his return to the genre is a welcome one. Allie Gonino’s credits are mostly from the world of television, but did appear in The Collection segment of Fun Size Horror: Volume OneHigh Voltage, also features Perry Reeves best known for her role on HBO’s Entourage, but she will always be De Silva from Child’s Play 3 to us horror fiends.

Official Synopsis:

An emerging rock band, managed by industry vet Jimmy Kleen (David Arquette), strikes a deal with record executive Rick Roland (Luke Wilson). Things take a sinister turn when the band’s lead singer, Rachel (Allie Gonino), and her mother are struck by lightening. Rachel comes back and brings an electrifying stage performance, but how far with the band go to make it.

Reminiscent of Wes Craven’s Shocker, looks to be an interesting take on the concept of dying and resurrection. High Voltage is writer/director Alex Keledjian’s feature debut, having previously worked as a producer on Feast.

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