Have you been a horror fan since you were a tot? Did you ever watch a horror/comedy sketch show starring a pizza loving vampire, when you were a young one? If so, then here’s some truly awesome news for all you ghouls and goblins that followed The Hilarious House of Frightenstein! It’s coming back!

That’s right! You heard correctly.


That Canadian-born campy children’s show from the 70’s is making a return, thanks to the newly launched production company out of Toronto, Headspinner Productions. It was recently announced that the young production company have just acquired the rights to the spooky and hilarious television show. With the deal in the bag, Headspinner Productions now owns the rights to all 130 episodes, all licensing and merchandising. It is essentially a treasure trove of ghoulish goodness for all of us pining for a bit of that sweet nostalgia.

The original show ran for only one season back in 1971, but one season is all it would take to garner a massive cult following. It featured the wonderfully entertaining Count Frightenstein (played by the multi-talented Billy Van) and Igor (played by the lovable Fishka Rais.) Each episode showcased their many attempts at bringing the Count’s Frankenstein-like monster, Brucie J. Monster, to life. Along with this running joke, the show was filled with many other sketches that were funny and (because their audience was children) educational as well.

For decades, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein would play again and again, via re-runs in both the United States and Canada. It’s popularity only grew over time, and it has now become a classic sketch comedy.

The original show’s producer, Mitch Markowitz, is the one that sold the rights to Headspinner Productions but that does not mean he will be stepping back completely. He will remain a co-producer of the revamped show alongside Headspinner Productions founders Michelle Melanson and Ken Cuperus.


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