If you like your creepy flicks at the intersection of folk horror and Catholic iconography, mark your calendars for October 2nd! That’s when director Elizabeth E. Schuch’s debut film, The Book of Birdie hits VOD in the United States and Canada.

The Book of Birdie is “a modern-day Gothic fairytale,” skirting the line between fantasy and body horror. Our own Chris Atkins said “The Book of Birdie has the fantastical feeling of a Guillermo del Toro film, like Pan’s Labyrinth or the Devil’s Backbone, yet is unlike anything I have ever seen before.” Check out his full review from 2017 Brooklyn Horror Festival here.


From The Press Release:

Introverted Birdie is sent to live in a quaint and isolated convent by her concerned grandmother, in an attempt to change her sobering outlook on life. But left to her own devices she develops a heightened obsession with blood, which seems all too willing to flow from her body, and recurring visions and hallucinations that pull her in every direction. Sometimes whimsical and sometimes gory, Birdie passively questions – is she a saint or is she cursed?

Escaping the watchful eye of Mother Superior and the other nuns Birdie begins an intimate friendship with Julia, the groundskeeper’s daughter, but things begin to spiral out of control when the closing of the convent is announced, and fates must be confronted.

THE BOOK OF BIRDIE is the feature directorial debut from Elizabeth E. Schuch, who’s background includes credits and accolades in theatrical design, visual effects, and storyboarding. The film has a majority female crew and an exclusively female cast led by mesmerizing newcomer Ilirida Memedovski in the starring role of Birdie alongside seasoned talent Susan Crowley (Mother Superior) and Kathryn Browning (Grandmother).

The film is produced by Lakovos Vroutsis and Konstantinos Koutsoliotas and co-produced by Andy Thompson. Joao Pedro Fleck and Nicholas Tonsho executive produced with Fantaspoa Produçoes. London-based studio Melancholy Star produced and handled VFX.


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After generating plenty of festival buzz, The Book of Birdie will bring its unique mix of magical realism and gore to VOD just in time for Halloween. Check it out October 2nd, and let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!


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