Dear Fiends,

Can you believe it!? Another year here at Horror High has come to a close. It seems like just yesterday we were all wandering the halls, complaining about our parents, searching for classrooms and unsure which teachers would prove inspiring…or deadly.

So much has happened over the last year and the memories that we’ve made here will last a lifetime. Like, remember the killer house parties!? Or the time the football team got infected by that weird unknown virus? Oh! And remember when we all had crazy insomnia and had to stay up all night? These are the things that have bound us together in ways that transcend time. The experiences that we’ve been through have given us the skills to go out into the world and become smart, adaptable and valuable members of society. College? No problem.  After what we’ve had to deal with, we will rule those ivy league schools! Let’s take a moment to highlight some of our besties and give a shout out to the best of the best!



As we leave these hallowed halls, we stand on the precipice of potential. While we have been tested, our creativity and quick thinking put through the most rigorous of tests, our future remains bright. We have proven ourselves time and time again and there is nothing that we cannot achieve if we put our minds to it. As we venture out into the world, let us never forget how we once started out as strangers and now leave as friends. All cliques and clubs have been set aside as we’ve learned perhaps the most valuable lesson there is…underneath it all, we all bleed the same.

HAGS! Never change! <3 XOXO


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