The annual Toronto International Film Festival is winding down to a close tonight. In celebration, let’s have a look at the genre flicks that have been picked up for distribution so far! We’ll update this list as more deals are announced.



Ellen Page The Cured

Previously titled The Third Wave, this one takes a look at “the fraught process of reintegrating formerly infected flesh-eaters into society in the aftermath of a zombie plague” after a cure is discovered. Page stars as Abbie, whose brother-in-law Senan (Sam Keeley, Monsters: Dark Continent) is one of the recently cured zombies. Amid a growing societal tension between “pro-cured” and “anti-cured” movements, Abbie elects to give Senan a second chance, letting him stay with her and her young son.

The Ireland-set film looks to put a rather poignant and thought-provoking spin on the zombie sub-genre. IFC Films picked up the domestic distribution rights, with a theatrical release projected for spring 2018.


REVENGE (Shudder)

revenge coralie fargeat

The newest entry in the rape revenge sub-genre has the much needed touch of being written and directed by a woman. Her name is Coralie Fargeat, and Revenge is her feature debut. The film follows Jen (Matilda Lutz, Rings) who sets out for a weekend desert getaway with her millionaire boy toy.


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Things take a turn for the worse when some of his hunting buddies show up and immediately take an uncomfortable interest in Jen, escalating to an assault. And if the reports are to be believed, the titular vengeance that follows is said to be quite intense. Rising genre streaming service Shudder will release the film in early 2018.



marlina the murderer in four acts tiff

This Indonesian film follows Marlina (Marsha Timothy, The Raid 2), a recently widowed woman who exacts bloody revenge on a group of robbers in the first of the ‘four acts’. The following three follow her journey for justice, with some quirky characters (including a woman who’s been pregnant for 10 months. Yes, you read that right) standing by her side. All the while being haunted by the ghost of one of the men she killed.

Hot at the Shop:

The third feature from writer-director Mouly Surya (What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love, Fiksi.) is garnering praise for its feminism and genre-bending sensibilities. Per TIFF’s website, “Surya builds tension with an assured mise en scène then dissipates it with bubbly bursts of caustic humor”. Northern Banner picked up Canadian distribution rights, while Icarus and Kimstim Films have acquired the U.S. rights. Both are planning to release the film next year.


VERONICA (Film Factory Entertainment)

Veronica TIFF

Based on real events in Madrid 1991, Veronica tells the story of the titular 15-year-old (Sandra Escacena) who holds an impromptu séance with friends in her school’s basement during a lunar eclipse. They were trying to contact her father’s spirit, but unleashed something much more malevolent.

Another horror movie “based on a true story” is not usually something genre fans bat an eye at anymore. But Veronica might have a little bit more cred behind the claim. Based on actual police reports of an incident in Madrid in 1991, this was the first recorded account of the supernatural by a police officer in Spain. Color me intrigued. NOFS hosts Jon caught the film at TIFF, you can check out his favorable review here. Film Factory Entertainment acquired the worldwide rights to the film, a release date is yet unannounced.


Check back here regularly as we announce more of the festival’s horror acquisitions. Let us know what films you’re most excited for in the comments!