HOSTILE Trailer Wants to Know if You’re Afraid of The Dark

Mathieu Turi’s directorial debut Hostile (2017) has been stirring up a surprising amount of buzz. The film festival newcomer has already won Best Foreign Film and Best Makeup at FilmQuest, where it received a total of 13 nominations, including Best Feature, Best Actress, and Best Director. Starring Javier Botet (The Conjuring 2, Alien: Covenant) and Brittany Ashworth, Hostile tells the story of a lone survivor struggling to defend herself from a creature that only comes after sundown.

hostile 2017


Official Synopsis from All Rights Entertainment:

Only a few thousand have survived a worldwide epidemic, but they’re not alone : they have to hide from strange creatures that go hunting at night… One afternoon, Juliette wakes up upside down, stuck in her car with a broken leg, in the middle of the desert. Soon, something’s coming…

Despite how gritty, and savage the genre must be, post-apocalyptic films are always quite comforting. You watch characters walk empty highways, free of rush hour traffic. There are no lines, and no one spends entire evenings filing their taxes. Of course there is the occasional vampire-like mutant or cannibal biker gang but riff-raff aside life looks slightly less complicated. Dangerous, but simplified. Violent but brief. Hostile promises all this and more, with a survival story that reaches back into the depths of the world before it ended, and the monsters that appeared after the darkness came.

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