Calling all makeup and horror lovers: This one is for us! A new line of eyeshadow palettes that are sure to give you one hell of a killer look with an interesting twist have been released, just in time for Halloween!


No, it’s not Maybelline. It’s Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees! The two horror movie icons are slashing their way onto the makeup scene with two exclusive eyeshadow palettes sold only at Hot Topic. Want to know the best part? These eyeshadow sets are only $16.90 each! There’s no need for another Freddy vs Jason face-off when choosing your set, both are dangerously affordable! Everything from the beautifully embossed casing to the perfectly titled swatch names make these must-have goodies for any horror and makeup aficionado.



Never Sleep Again, the A Nightmare on Elm Street eyeshadow set, is a great choice if you’re getting into the popular red rimmed-lid look. The perfect palette of choice if you want to hide the dark circles around your eyes. Perhaps you’ve stayed up all night scrolling Instagram or avoiding the monster stalking you in your dreams? These eyeshadow swatches are a perfect array of colors sure to draw attention away from your bloodshot peepers and make those slowly closing eyelids really pop!



Freddy’s 8 swatch picks include Incinerator, a light periwinkle blue, Elm Street, a complimentary blue with a more teal tint, Bloodbath, which is obviously a bright primary red, Burned Alive, a complimenting sparkly rose, Don’t Fall Asleep, a classic slate grey, Slash, a simple chalky black, Sweet Dreams, a light cream that is a perfect brow highlighter, and a pretty bright primary blue, appropriately titled Dream Realm. Overall, this palette is bold, but simply dreamy… kind of like Freddy himself.

Metals are all the craze lately, so our beloved machete-weilding goalie, Jason Voorhees, would be proud of the No Place To Hide palette inspired by Friday the 13th. The tones are soft, but the modern sparkle makes each tray adaptable to both day and night wear. Whether you’re spending a day by the campgrounds or meeting up with the local hottie for a sexy evening romp, this palette is here to adapt. Like Jason, you can slay anyone whether it be in the middle of a bright, sunny afternoon or the deep dead of night if you swipe these versatile colors on.



Jason’s 8 swatch picks include Crystal Lake, a subtle seafoam green, Voorhees, a shocking dark sparkling purple, Immortal, an iridescent pearl, this palette’s perfect brow highlighter, Summer Camp, a simple dusty blue, Counselor, a fun bubblegum pink, ChChCh AhAhAh, a subtle magenta, They Were Warned, a subdued tan brick color, and Jason Lives, a simple soft nude shade. While the Never Sleep Again set is more bright and primary, the No Place To Hide set is more neutral and pastel. It’s a set of colors that can be devastating or soft, depending on what calendar day it is…

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the eyeshadow sets last weekend so I could test the consistency of trays. I swatched each color to the back of my hand and much to my surprise, being an admitted product snob, I was pleased with the quality. Usually when shadows are cheaper in price the color never remains true to the tray once it’s swiped by a brush, let alone transferred to a variety of skin tones. All of these colors, however, kept a strong pigment. There was very minimal fallout, another surprise, and a huge bonus factor. The only caution I’ll leave you with is that you may attract some unwanted company should you choose to flaunt some Bloodbath or Summer Camp. Onlookers may not be able to resist themselves, so beware the razor blade gloves and ominous whispers.

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