The comic book series October Faction from Steve Niles and Damien Worm is currently in the works over at Netflix. Bringing together the talents of a renowned horror writer a twisted visionary artist, October Faction brings the gothic world to vivid life. The live-action adaptation will be creeping into your homes soon, through the streaming giant. For those that enjoy the Addams Family, or tales with secret cabals with globe-trotting monster hunters, the upcoming series is your new binge-to-be.

October Faction follows the Allen family, this clan consists of husband Fred and wife Deloris alongside their children Vivian and Geoff. Briefly described as a retired monster hunter, a thrill-killer, a witch and a warlock. As IDW’s first issue tagline states, “Sometimes crazy is the glue that binds a family together”. According to Variety, the Netflix series centers on a family of monster-hunters returning to their hometown in upstate New York following the death of the family’s patriarch. As they try to adjust to their new lives, they quickly discover that the deceptively peaceful town is shadowed by its own fair share of dark secrets.


The Netflix series has already started to give us a peek at the formidable assembly of names attached to the project. So far, creator and showrunner Damian Kindler (Krypton) will be directing along with Mina Shum (Meditation Park), Megan Follows (Murdoch Mysteries), and David Frazee (Orphan Black). Kindler and Niles will be joined on the project by executive producers James Thorpe, Eric Birnberg, and Thomas Walden. October Faction fans will be happy to hear that with 10 episodes slated so far, shooting has already begun back on September 4, 2018, and is scheduled to continue until December 11, 2018, in Toronto. No projected premiere date for October Faction has been announced as of yet but it’s safe to assume you can expect a trailer and release date announcement early 2019.

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