Imogen Poots, best known bu genre fans for her role in the spectacular Green Room (2015), has officially joined the cast of Prisoners of the Ghostland alongside Nicolas Cage. The Hollywood Reporter dropped the exclusive details and XYZ Films sound smitten to have her on the project. “We are thrilled to have Imogen Poots join Nicolas Cage in Prisoners of the Ghostland,” said the production comapny. “With Sion Sono at the helm, this suspenseful film will captivate audiences with both its performances and riveting storyline. Hold on to the edges of your imagination”.


It comes as no surprise that Nicolas Cage would call Prisoners of the Ghostland his “wildest movie”, especially with Sion Sono (Suicide ClubNoriko’s Dinner Table) in the director’s chair. Prisoners of the Ghostland marks Sono’s first English language film, directing from Aaron Hendry and Rezo Sixo Safai’s script. Curious to find out what over-the-top action-packed insanity is in store for you?

Synopsis from THR:

When a notorious criminal, Hero (Cage), is sent to rescue an abducted girl (Poots) who has disappeared into a dark supernatural universe, they must break the evil curse that binds them and escape the mysterious revenants that rule the Ghostland.

Principal photography should start this Spring but even it production began tomorrow it wouldn’t be soon enough! During Macao’s 3rd International Film Festival, Nicolas Cage teased the film, saying “I’m thrilled about it! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It might be the wildest movie I’ve ever made, and that’s saying something. It’s out there. I wear a skintight black leather jumpsuit with grenades attached to different body parts, and if I don’t rescue the governor’s daughter from this state line where they’re all ghosts and bring her back they’re gonna blow me up. It’s just crazy. It’s way out there.”   

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