You’d be hard-pressed to find a horror fan, casual or die-hard, who doesn’t like the Final Destination franchise. In 2001, the first film kicked off a paranormal, unseen entity, sometimes referred to as ‘death’, hellbent to correct those who thwarted it – each sequel upping the ante; delivering youths being impaled, sliced and slaughtered, all in the name of protecting the status quo.

New Line is gearing up to set a new premonition in motion, THR reports. Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been tapped to write the screenplay. The pair previously contributed four films in the Saw franchise, as well as penning the upcoming Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. This reboot will mark the 6th film in the Final Destination franchise.


While there are no official plot details on the re-imagining, we can only assume it’ll kick off the same way as the previous films – hero has a premonition involving a major accident that kills several people, prevents six or so people from dying in that event with their crazy ramblings, six survivors get killed off in entertaining and sometimes 3-dimensional ways. I’m pumped!

All I can say – if it is indeed a direct remake of the original film, let us all prepare ourselves for a refresh on our fear of flying that we’ve since conquered, but still sometimes think of the last spot to explode when we’re at the airport counter and the Airport Teller asks if we want a seat by the emergency exit – *inhales* – is has extra leg room but it’s by one of the jets – *inhales* – and we know the jet is first to explode so maybe we’ll just settle for getting our knees bumped by the cart in seat 36B. That’ll be fine, thanks.

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