You may recall Nightmare on Film Street’s review of indie horror comic Blood & Gourd from publisher Dead Peasant. The story of the hellishly haunted harvest is perfect for monster and gore fans everywhere, but as you’ll know if you’ve checked it out, only three issues have so far been released. However, Dead Peasant is setting out to change that now, announcing their Kickstarter for Issue #4 alongside a frightening fall feature, brought to life by animator Greg Rozeboom.



For newcomers to the series, Dead Peasant included a brief plot synopsis in their latest press release for the series, which you can check out below:

It’s Devil’s Night in Olympia, WA – and out at Henderson Farms, the festivities are reaching a crescendo. Young and old have gathered to pick their own pumpkin, drink hot apple cider, and partake in the usual pumpkin farm fare. However, something has awakened from deep within the fertile soil. After years of abuse and humiliation, the pumpkins are ready…to pick US! You can beg! You can plead! You can scream! But these hell’s lanterns are lit only with a burning desire to: Watch. You. Die!

The press release goes on to list the many talented comic creators associated with Blood & Gourd, including medium masters Juanan Ramirez, Juan Albarran, Dave Acosta, Fran Gamboa, Roberta Ingranata, and The Gurch.


If this sounds like your kind of creepy comic cacophony, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Issue #4 Kickstarter launching in 2020. No date has yet been specified by Dead Peasant, but we’ll let you know on our as soon we do. As you know, indie horror is important to us here at NOFS, and with the dedication to the genre and mastery of the medium that clearly went into Blood & Gourd, we think it deserves a look.


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