The Holidays are fast approaching, and you know what that means… Time to gather your friends and family and try to determine which one of them is a grotesque alien imitation!

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 is a collaboration between Mondo Tees and Project Raygun and is sure to be the life of your Holiday party. Based on John Carpenter’s 1982 classic film The Thing, this horror strategy game brings 4-8 players together to try to escape the Antarctic Outpost without being infiltrated by an inhuman goo monster. You and your rag-tag team of survivors are charged with clearing out the eponymous outpost room-by-room, gathering supplies needed for escape and killing any Things that get in your way.

Board Game Cover Art

As a hidden identity game, it creates a palpable sense of paranoia as you try to guess who among you is an imitation. If you are playing as the imitation, you can win the game by either infecting the rest of the team, destroying the outpost or by making it to the escape helicopter with the human characters. The human characters you can play as are Childs, station manager Garry and R.J. Macready (super-dreamy Kurt Russell not included).

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Game Board Layout

The design of the game is meant to be as cinematic as possible, allowing the players to become fully immersed into the world that Carpenter created. Justin Erickson, an artist with Phantom City Creative whose designs are featured in the game, stated that he “wanted to focus on the isolation of Outpost 31 and hint at the hidden alien dangers that lurk around every corner.”

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Our fearless leaders Jon and Kim talked about The Thing in their podcast episode Body Snatchers; The Thing vs. Alien (Head-to-Head). Check out the episode HERE and let us know what you think!