Twelve months. Twelve twisted tales. There is no shortage of success from Blumhouse lately, especially with the upcoming release of Halloween. Bloodthirsty fans cannot get enough from the company and constantly demand more. Back in May, Blumhouse founder and CEO, Jason Blum promised a unique year-long release to quench that craving with Into The Dark. Yesterday, Blumhouse delivered the first of many gifts to come.

All I know is that if the teaser’s opening scene shows what the creators consider to be a terrifying Easter Bunny, then I will not be coloring any eggs this April. That’s for sure. I dare you to watch it:




The Hulu original and exclusive Into the Dark’s teaser trailer was posted to the production company’s social media pages and from what I can see, it’s going to be a very, very horrifying year. This mega anthology series features 12 episodes, their individual themes revolving around each month’s respective holiday. The teaser for Into the Dark montages a list of inspired holidays ranging from, of course, Halloween to Labor Day. From what I’ve seen and read we can anticipate some glorious holiday inspiration, but these episode plots will be anything but predictable. Only two of the episodes’ titles and summaries have been released so far, the first titled The Body and the second, to be released in November, titled Flesh & Blood.

The Body is directed by Paul Davis (Patient Seven’s segment also titled The Body) and stars Tom Bateman (Murder on the Orient Express) and Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Handmaid’s Tale). As for the plot?

The first episode of Into the Dark is the tale about “a sophisticated, overconfident hitman who always carries out his work in style. He decides to take things even further one day by transporting his latest victim in plain sight, correctly assuming that self-absorbed LA partiers will simply be enamored with his elaborate “costume.” Eventually, as his window of opportunity to dispose of the body begins to close, Wilkes’ true colors reveal themselves to some groupies that have latched on to him. It becomes a battle of will and wits.”


Flesh & Blood, directed by Patrick Lussier (Scream: The TV Series) will star Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding) and Tembi Locke (Eureka) and will be released on November 2nd, 2018. All episodes of Into the Dark will be released on Hulu the first Friday for each of the next 12 horror-filled months.

Blumhouse has been releasing prime horror and genre films like perfectly ticking clockwork. The steady episodes of Into the Dark are more than enough to set us in celebration mode all 365 days of the year. Leave it to Blumhouse when it comes to giving fans exactly what they want: more, more, more!

Into the Dark’s first episode hits Hulu on October 5th, 2018. Let us know how excited you are for this anthology and what unique twist you think the writers will be putting on each holiday over on our Horror Movie Fiend Club Facebook page, on our Subreddit page, or over on Twitter!


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