Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe changed blockbuster movies forever, one hero proved that Marvel comic book stories deserved to be on the big screen. No, it wasn’t Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. It wasn’t Toby MacGuire’s Spider-Man either. No, we’re talking about the OG Marvel badass, Wesley Snipes’ BladeBlade did so much for comic book movies before they were cool, going so far as to get Guillermo Del Toro to direct the second part of the trilogy. Now, according to We Got This Covered, Blade might be headed back to theaters near you.

Rumors of a return to the Blade franchise have been circulating around comic book news outlets for a while now. Now, we have our first rumor that not only is Blade coming back, but that the film will be R-rated and star Wesley Snipes in the role once again. However, the rumor on WGTC seems to indicate that Blade would serve as a mentor to a new, female vampire hunter. Kind of like what Rocky is to Creed, just with fangs. Check out the article for more hints and hearsay, but remember: this is just a rumor at the moment. Don’t get your hope up too high, daywalker fans.


What are your thoughts on the possibility of a Blade reboot? Do you think Marvel will actually venture into R-rated territory? Or do you think the idea of a Blade return will ultimately be sacrificed for some newer, more kid-friendly idea? We want to hear your thoughts, so head over to our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts and let us know. While you’re there, give us a follow so you can keep up with everything Blade-related. We’re sure to have it on there. And for all your horror movie news, reviews, and interviews, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.