Pennywise and the Losers Club returned to Derry and theatres this past weekend with IT: Chapter 2, reminding moviegoers of the genre’s continued ability to bring in strong box-office dollars. Not your average horror film, the Warner Bros release directed by Andy Muschietti (Mama) terrorized audiences on 4,570 screens this weekend after nearly two years since the young Losers Club encountered the shape-shaping and psychologically haunting clown Pennywise in the 2017 blockbuster September release. Playing to a mass audience like a DC or Marvel entry, the Warner Bros flick, entered the weekend, expecting big returns from an audience looking for large-scale scares and spectacle.

Although, not as embraced by critics as first chapter, the continuation of King’s story continued to resonate with King loyalists and casual moviegoers alike. Opening in theatres with Thursday night previews, It: Chapter 2 accrued nearly $10.5 million, scoring the third-best preview for an R-Rated movie and a three day gross of nearly $91 million. Although a monstrous take on a budget of nearly $75 million, the figure is a considerable drop from the first films $123 monstrous gross in September 2017 (on a $35 million budget). Although Chapter 2 opened within studio expectations, the drop in weekend total, especially for the unique continuation of the story, does raise the question as to how the Pennywise tale will hold in the coming weeks.


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Regardless, a weekend box-office take of $91 is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, It: Chapter 2 amassed nearly $85 million more than Angel Has Fallen, which took the runner-up spot at the weekend box-office with a $6 million. Angel Has Fallen, a through back to the 90s era auctioneer, has earned over $53 million at the North American box-office.

The Top 5 Movies from this weekend, courtesy of Box-Office Mojo are:

It: Chapter 2 -$91,000,000

Angel Has Fallen – $6,000,000

Good Boys – $5,390,000

The Lion King – $4,193,000

Overcomer – $3,750,000

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