An updated BBFC listing for It Chapter Two (2019) lists the official runtime for the film at a lengthy 169 minutes. This puts the film at a little over twenty minutes longer than the first entry in the franchise, It (2017). At almost three hours, It Chapter Two (2019) is definitely on the longer side, especially compared to other horror films released recently. (Annabelle Comes Home (2019) – 106 minutes, Crawl (2019) – 87 minutes). But the longer runtime is almost necessary when adapting one of Stephen King’s densest works. Stephen King’s It boasts an 1138 page count on the original printing. It’s no wonder the first attempt at adapting the work was a TV miniseries!


It Chapter Two (2019) is the highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s It and picks up the story of the “Losers Club” twenty-seven years after the events of the first film. Featuring an impressive cast including Jessica Chastain (Mama) as Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy (Glass) as Bill Denbrough, and Bill Hader (Barry) as wisecracking Richie Tozier, it’s hard not to get excited!


Official Synopsis:

Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club—young and adult—in a return to where it all began with “It Chapter Two.

Director Andrés Muschietti’s It (2017) was one of the most successful horror films of all time, grossing a record $327 Million domestically. It will be interesting to see how It Chapter Two (2019) compares at the box office, but with Muschietti returning to direct the conclusion, it’s safe to assume we’re in for some quality Pennywise scares!

It Chapter Two (2019) releases nationwide on September 6. As of writing this article, we are less than a month away from the release date, and you’d better believe we’re excited! What are your thoughts on the official runtime? It it too long or not long enough? Let us know on Twitter, in the Nightmare on Film Street Subreddit and on Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club!


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