‘The House that Freddy Built’ is back at it again with a new horror feature. After the massive success of this year’s adaptation of It, New Line Cinema ordered a treatment for a full-length feature film based on the Dutch horror short Sweet Tooth. The short premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, receiving much critical acclaim and success upon its release.

As a result, it was only natural for the short to receive the Lights Out treatment. James Wan and Chris Bender are producing the film, but New Line hasn’t released any information on who’s writing the film yet. However the writer and director of the original short, Nico van den Brink is set to direct.


The description of the film goes as follows:

“The short centers on a woman who comes home in her large apartment tenement. Watching the news, she discovers that her neighbors — a mother and her two kids — have been killed, but then enters creep zone territory when she begins to hear the laughter and running of the munchkins.”

Van den Brink studied at the University of Amsterdam, and the Netherlands Film Academy. Despite Sweet Tooth not being his first directing attempt, it will be his first time directing a feature film.

The studio is currently working on finding a writer to flesh the short film out.