The Paranormal Activity films have remained one of today’s most successful franchises. With a collective budget of $28 Million across 6 films, the series has earned almost $900 Million at the box office. Reception of some of the later films has been fairly mixed but fans are still coming out to see new installments, regardless. Though there are no plans for future Paranormal Activity sequels, Jason Blum has expressed interest in returning to the franchise. In a recent interview with Cinepop, promoting Happy Death Day, Blum let us know that a reboot is not off the table.

jason blum christopher landon

Paranormal Activity is on hiatus, but if Chris over here – who has done four Paranormal Activity movies –  if he had an idea to reboot it we’re very open to hearing it.

So, could there be another ghosty found footage from Blumhouse on the horizon? We certainly hope so, and Christopher Landon is certainly the man to do it. Having written four of the films, with a directing credit for Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, he has been a driving creative force in the franchise for some time now. His most recent film Happy Death Day, promises to be a big success for Blumhouse, with the film’s villain already included at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.


Set for release this Friday the 13th, Happy Death Day follows Tree Gelbman, a blissfully self-centered collegian who wakes up on her birthday in the bed of a student named Carter. As the morning goes on, Tree gets the eerie feeling that she’s experienced the events of this day before. When a masked killer suddenly takes her life in a brutal attack, she once again magically wakes up in Carter’s dorm room unharmed. Now, the frightened young woman must relive the same day over and over (a-la Groundhog’s Day) until she figures out who murdered her.