The Pet Sematary remake is very much alive with news of the coveted lead role potentially going to Jason Clarke! With Stephen King adaptations (and remakes) being all the rage right now, reanimating the horrors of his controversial and classic Pet Sematary seems to make the most logical sense. Andy Muschietti’s IT remake has currently grossed over $700 million worldwide. The surprising and impressive success of the film has launched the recent ambitious endeavors of multiple Stephen King adaptations. IT has almost single-handedly paved a new, modern road for King fans, as well as for the horror genre itself.

Muschietti was vocal about being interested in remaking Pet Sematary following the release of IT: Chapter 1, but ultimately decided to focus on other projects including the sequel, IT: Chapter 2. Instead, and equally as worthy, Paramount Pictures have tapped Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer to direct. The two directed and wrote the popular Starry Eyes, which executed the perfect amount of fear and gore in one film sitting. The script for Pet Sematary is set to be penned by Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train, Insanitarium) and David Kajganich (True Story, The Invasion), rounding out a powerhouse of a horror team.



First published in 1983, King’s Pet Sematary tells the story of Dr. Louis Creed and his average family moving to the suburbs only to suffer a tragic loss, resulting with the forbidden tampering of life and death through the means of an ancient Indian burial ground known to the locals as ‘Pet Sematary’. The land itself, used mostly for the burying of beloved family pets, holds a much darker power forcing the good doctor to question everything he believes to be logical and sane. Always stay away from ancient burial grounds, guys. It never ends well.


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Typically the antagonist, Australian actor Jason Clarke (Winchester, Terminator Genisys) seems to be a fitting choice for the role of Louis Creed, who for all intents and purposes is the true antagonist of the Stephen King novel. If you can count how many times he consciously, selfishly, and impulsively makes the wrong decision throughout the story, the argument can definitely be made. Through his numerous roles, Clarke proves to have the acting chops necessary to tackle the dramatics and controversial themes of Pet Sematary. His look and resume measures up well against that of Dale Midkiff (Time Trax), who brought Louis Creed to life in Mary Lambert’s (The In-Crowd, The Attic) 1989 classic film adaptation alongside Denise Crosby (Star Trek: The Next Generation) who played the role of Creed’s wife, Rachel.

No other casting reports have been made, but the timing, production, and lead role selection are more than satisfying at this point. Could we see Doug Jones (The Shape of Water, Pan’s Labyrinth) terrify audiences as unforgettable nightmare fuel incarnate, Zelda? Maybe Javier Botet (IT, The Conjuring 2)? Who will fill the incredibly large shoes of Fred Gwynne (The Munsters), who played the memorable role of the Creed’s crucial and conveniently knowledgeable neighbor, Jud Crandall?

If all goes to plan, it seems like a few more heavy shovels of dirt and carefully placed stones will seal the deal on Pet Sematary’s resurrection: the film is slated to be released earlier next year on April 19th, 2019.

“What’s dead should stay dead?” That’s certainly not the case anymore! This might be the one time it’s safe to sit back and enjoy watching the dead be brought back to life.

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