Jason Slashes Onto Mobile Phones with FRIDAY THE 13TH KILLER PUZZLE Game

Arguably one of the top releases near the end of 2017 on console and PC was Friday the 13th The Game. It only makes sense to bring Jason home to the mobile platform.  That way everyone has a chance to play his violent, gory life on the go! Created by Blue Wizard Digital (Slayaway Camp), Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle moves in the same way as its counterpart.

From Crystal Lake to Manhattan and beyond (perhaps Hell?), Jason hacks and slashes his way across over 100 puzzle levels. Along the way you unlock many different variants of the Jason character that you can play with. One of the coolest features is unlocking hilariously violent kills that you can use to dispatch your prey. After all, what mommy says, Jason does. And no-one wants to mess with one Pamela Voorhees! With the ability to upgrade your weapons and open new levels as you progress there’s plenty to do and accomplish. This gives the game a high replay factor that will keep you coming back for more. Boasting a cartoon style reminiscent of Pokémon games, this puzzle game should appeal to both horror and puzzle fans.


friday the 13th killer puzzle

And you can’t do much better than word of mouth from someone closely tied to the franchise. “I loved the balance of horror and humor the Blue Wizard guys brought to Slayaway Camp, and I’m thrilled to see their take on Friday the 13th”, said Friday the 13th creator Sean S. Cunningham.

Plus iOS users already have a special surprise awaiting, as the game has already soft released for them. “The United States is getting early access to the game, but players can rest assured it will release soon everywhere else”, announced Blue Wizard founder Jason Kapalka.

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle drops April 13th, 2018 on iOS, Android, and Steam.

friday the 13th killer puzzle

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