“Do you want to play a game?” Saw fanatics in 2017 answered “hell yes!”, as the eighth installment of the beloved franchise, Jigsawhas recently topped $100 million dollars worldwide at the box office. As most horror movies are, Jigsaw was made on rather small budget of only $10 million dollars. To say the least, Kramer’s comeback was a massive success.

The latest installment left fans of the franchise divided. Even us here at Nightmare on Film Street have varying opinions. If you read Kim’s review, she was not a big fan. Personally, I had an absolute blast with Jigsaw, having the most fun watching it since Saw 3. It was a fun game and had some great kills. The enigmatic series has had it’s ups and downs, but I think it’s fair to say it’s one of the better entries to the franchise. We can all agree that the overall quality at least improved and it was fun to see the iconic killer once more (sort of).


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With the box office success, the next question is: what’s next for the Saw franchise? Word over at Bloody Disgusting is that conversations have begun on another installment. Not too much is known besides the fact that the Spierig Brothers will most likely not be returning to direct.

If there is one thing we know about the franchise, is they are notorious for their quick turnarounds. During the initial run of the Saw franchise, horror fans were treated to a new movie every Halloween season from 2004-2010. With October a mere 10 months away, if we were expecting another at the same rate they would have had to have started on it already in some capacity. So if that ends up being the case, we should get confirmation fairly soon on the follow-up to Jigsaw.

What say you, horror fans? Do you wanna see John Kramer in action one more time or should he just stay dead? Hit us up Twitter with your thoughts!