Horror streaming giant Shudder continues to make its mark. Shudder has expanded to providing exclusive content not only in the form of films, but in several original television series as well.

Within the last several months, speculation surrounding the revival of the cult television hit, Monstervision, to air on Shudder TV has been swirling the online community. Back in January, Joe Bob Briggs published a Tweet regarding the possibility of a revival on Shudder by stating, “The Shudder network says they might revive some version of MonsterVision if we get enough video testimonials. Weird, right?You can send them to [email protected], but my position remains: The show was cancelled, so NOW THE PEOPLE MUST SUFFER.”


Well, it appears that fans of the beloved television show (as well as beloved host) have responded, and they’ve been heard. On April 10th, 2018, the Joe Bob Briggs official website announced an update to the development of Briggs’s involvement with Shudder by sharing,

Thanks to all your emails and videos, the high sheriffs at Shudder have seen the light! Joe Bob will host a 24 hour movie marathon on Shudder. That’s right…dusk to dawn to dusk to almost dawn with Joe Bob introducing and interrupting the movies, just like he used to do in the good old days. The Mail Girl will be back, and he’ll also have some very special guests. The Joe Bob marathon will premiere on a Friday in June…but we don’t yet know WHICH Friday in June. We’ll post the information here as soon as we find out.


Were you a fan of Monstervision? Tell us how excited you are for the 24-hour movie marathon with the man himself, live on Shudder TV. The event will go down on a Friday in June – which Friday, we’ll soon find out.

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