Universal Cable Productions announced earlier this year that a collaboration with iconic horror filmmaker John Carpenter was in the works. The project, Tales for A Halloween Night is currently in development for SYFY. The series is based off Carpenter’s award-winning graphic novel series of the same name.

The show will follow the anthology format of the comics, but may not necessarily be direct adaptations.  In an interview with Rue Morgue, co-producer Sandy King discussed the new series,

The idea behind the books is that you can have an evening of reading short scary stories, none of which are alike, and they’re all the different faces of horror. There are ghost stories, there are sea-monster stories, there are cursed rings; there’s intellectual horror and bugs, and all sorts of things.

She also went on to confirm Carpenter’s return to the director’s chair, saying ““He would direct the pilot, at least,” She continues, “And then we’ll hopefully bring on some great horror directors—and just great directors—so that it’ll be a high-end show. We want anything that has our brand associated with it to be a satisfying experience for readers, watchers, whatever we’re doing.”

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The first volume of Tales For A Halloween Night debuted in 2015, and featured 6 original tales of horror from John Carpenter, Steve Niles, David J. Schow, Trent Olson, James Ninness and Sandy King-Carpenter. Released in 2016 was Tales for A Halloween Night Volume 2, sharing 12 more terrifying tales. Writers in the second volume included Steve Niles, Sandy King, John Carpenter, Deirdre Brooks, Mike Sizemore, David J. Schow, Jimmy Palmiotti, Renae Deliz, James Ninness, Steven Hoveke, Duane Swierczynski, Amanda Deibert, Kealan Patrick Burke and Federico De Luca.

Tales From A Halloween Night Volume 3 is the latest from the series, and was released only a week ago. It features stories from John CarpenterSandy KingSteve Niles, Louise SimonsonAmanda DeibertDuane SwierczynskiSteven HovekeDavid J. Schow, and Kealan Patrick Burke.


But, while you’re waiting for Carpenter’s return to directing, he’ll be scoring the upcoming Halloween reboot to be released next fall. He also may be appearing in a town near you! Check dates for his fall Anthology tour, and hear him perform tracks from your favorite Horror scores, LIVE!

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