Perhaps writing and directing a big budget horror film doesn’t truly prepare you for evading the real life jump scares. As John Krasinski was promoting his new horror film A Quiet Place on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, he was put to the test.

In describing his experience on writing the film’s script, John states, “I was just in a dark room being like, ‘scary, family in terror.’ ” In an attempt to bring Krasinski’s guard down, Ellen challenged John to a staring contest. But they had to be very quiet. Ellen showed no mercy as one of her staff members, donning a Freddy Krueger mask, abruptly ends their game. The result of the staring contest is quite hilarious as Krasinski leans back against his seat in emotional exhaustion. “Oh man. Don’t wear light-colored pants.” He states. Check out the hilarious video to catch Krasinski’s reaction.

A Quiet Place is an upcoming American horror film starring John Krasinski (The Office) and wife Emily Blunt (The Girl On The Train). The plot revolves around an American family living in silence in order to survive; utilization sign language as a means of communicating and muting anything that can make a sound. Hunted by a mysterious supernatural force, the only means of survival is avoiding noise at all cost. The film is expected to premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas on March 9th with a US release of April 6th, 2018. The film also stars Noah Jupe (Wonder) and Millie Simmonds (Wonderstruck) as Krasinski and Blunt’s children.

Tell us what you think of John Krasinski’s reaction. I think he may have been setting up for a punch to Krueger’s face. For more updates on the latest horror news be sure to follow Nightmare on Film Street on all social media platforms. You can also support the NOFS Podcast through Patreon for discounts and goodies. Stay ghoulish, friends!


John Krasinski stays silent in A Quiet Place