If there’s one cure for that dreaded Halloween Hangover we all suffer through every November — it’s Monster Movies. Whether you’re fighting giant squids 20,000 leagues under the sea or hiding in the air vents from ruthless aliens in the cold recesses of space, monster movies are the perfect comfort food. And more than that, monster movies have long been our gateway to exploring the darker sides of humanity. Generation after generation, we have watched humanity build bigger and badder weapons; We’ve watched governments brutalize their own citizens until they crumbled under the weight of their sins; We’ve even watched in horror as our fancy technological advancements bring us closer and closer to destroying all that it means to be human. And every step of the way, we’ve had a movie monster to explore those dark days.

In 1945, it was impossible to believe that we had the capability to annihilate an entire population with the press of a button. So impossible that a giant, radioactive monster rising up from the ocean to level the city was easier to stomach. Heck, it’s always been easier to talk about monsters than it’s been to talk about real-life. Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954) and Piranha (1978) likely inspired more environmental protection discussion around the schoolyard than any documentary would have. It’s not polite to ask your aging grandparents if they get scared thinking of what will happen to their body after they’ve passed but you can all share a bowl of popcorn together and enjoy Frankenstein (1931).



Monster movies also offer us some of our most optimistic stories, as macabre as though stories may be. We will likely never achieve World Peace, but you can see all nations set aside their differences to fight Kaiju in Pacific Rim (2013). You may be struggling with how to talk to a family member about their addiction, but you can find hope in The Monster (2016) or share a few dark laughs together with Colossal (2016). Of course, monsters come in all shapes and sizes and no matter their stature, their goal always seems to be the destruction of everything we know and love. It’s no surprise The Walking Dead has remained one of the most popular properties of the last decade. Even when there aren’t giant scally creatures towering over us, we’re reminded that there are still monsters roaming our empty streets, looking to drag us down with them.


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It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955)


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