Jordan Peele is the gift that keeps on giving. After the success of 2017 smash hit Get Out, the man has not slowed down. Whether it be voice acting in Netflix’s Big Mouth, or developing the new edition of The Twilight Zone which he is also hosting. But that’s not all, as he has been quietly working in his next feature Us, which he just dropped the poster for. Along with the poster, Papa Peele also informed us fiends he would be gifting us the trailer on Christmas day!


Plot summary from IMDb:

A mother and a father take their kids to their beach house expecting to enjoy time with friends. But their serenity turns to tension and chaos when some visitors arrive uninvited.


Us will be Peele’s second feature film, both writing and directing, as he did previously. It’s also been stated that this film would be another “social thriller”, hinting at another social commentary viewed through his unique lens of horror. This is also the second film produced by Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions under the Blumhouse banner. The only other team member from Get Out working on the film is composer Michael Abels who is returning to score.


The poster is very minimalistic, displaying hands holding a golden pair of scissors. I like the ambiguity, no face shown and it’s hard to tell whether the hands belong to a man or (my guess) a woman. Also, note the prevalent use of red in contrast to the heavy use of blue in Get Out. Get out your tin foil hats because I already have theories. Get Out had such a brilliant twist, that thing to really give it the horror spin. Between the first poster featuring a mirrored Rorschach image and Peele’s “watch yourself” tweet accompanying this poster, my bets are clones! Or maybe some sort of time loop? Who knows, but what I do know is how excited I am for this movie, trailer or not.

Us stars Lupita N’Yongo (Black Panther), Winston Duke (Black Panther), Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaiden’s Tale) and Tim Heidecker (Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories). The trailer is on the way scheduled Christmas day and the film hits theaters March 15th, 2019.

Excited for Jordan Peele’s new film? Going to yell “GET OUT of my way” all the way to the theater? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!


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