Holiday Horrornaments: Krampus Up Your Christmas with Weta Workshops

Krampus has quickly become a new Holiday favourite, bringing a little of that Halloween spirit to the Christmas season. But this year, no horror-household will be complete without a few creepy ornaments hung from tree. Thanks to the fine folks at the Weta Workshop, you can finally let the mischievous minions of Santa’s nemesis deck your halls! Included in Weta’s Krampus Collection are some devilishly delightful glass ornaments, a replica of the Krampus Bell and of course, the creepiest tree topper we’ve ever seen.

Michael Dougherty’s 2015 horror-comedy Krampus, follows a dysfunctional family in the days leading up to Christmas. After losing faith in both his family and Santa Claus himself, a young boy unintentionally summons a force that punishes the “Ebeneezer Scrooge’s” of the world. Max and his family must outsmart and out-fight Krampus & his underlings if they want to live to see Christmas morning.


From the Weta Workshop:

No Christmas is complete without a sparkly range of ornaments for your tree. But this is Weta Workshop. We don’t do “sparkly.” New from our team of ghouls, goblins, and the hardest-working elves in the Southern Hemisphere: a range of Krampus ornaments snatched right out of director Michael Dougherty’s freakishly fun film! Including baubles, plushies…even a Christmas tree topper crafted out of our main currency, nightmares.

The Workshop responsible for these amazing decorations is the same team that brought you the creature design for the film Krampus. And not only that, each of these pieces were constructed by the very team that worked on the film. From very humble beginnings creating puppets and props for New Zealand television Weta has become a world-leading design and effects facility. The Weta Workshop has been involved in practially every film shot in New Zealand, including Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson’s classic Braindead (aka Dead Alive)

Check out the full line of Krampus ornaments & decorations below!

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