Ahh Hideouts. What’s a good horror movie villain or monster without a Hideout? These are places that cause you to shudder just by looking at them, making you pray that you never end up anywhere remotely similar.

Now, since we already have another list of Horror Movie Lairs I decided to try and get a little creative with this one and go off the beaten trail a bit. Without further ado, let’s hop in!



10. The Cave – Rogue (2007)

This underrated Australian gem features a giant crocodile munching on unsuspecting tourists. What makes this movie so great, one of the things at least, is you get to visit the crocodile’s home  and see just how horrifying it is. At first glance, it may look like just any other cave, which it is, but it’s also more than that. It’s the house of a 23-foot long crocodile that eats everything in sight, and boy does it feel like it. The moment Pete (Michael Vartan) steps foot inside, it feels like he’s entering into an arena where the only way out is to kill the seemingly unkillable. The cave itself is full of jagged rocks and smaller caves a la The Descent (2005). It’s like a piece of the Jurassic era came into our world and dragged with it giant, green, scaly monstrosity. This is one place you wouldn’t want to find yourself stuck in.


9. The Well –The Ring (2002)


You can basically lump anything involving The Ring movies into this. That darn well is a sight that has stuck in my brain since I first saw Gore Verbinski’s terrifying Americanized telling of the slightly more terrifying (mileage may vary) Japanese film Ringu (1998). The well is the resting place of quite possibly the most iconic modern ghost-murderer, and seeing her climb out of it on all-fours contorting her body like some freak-show attraction makes my skin crawl. This isn’t some average run-of-the-mill-well, it’s almost like a portal to Hell itself. If you ask me, someone needs to fill this thing up with concrete and seal it off forever.


8. The House of the Devil –The House of the Devil (2009)

house of the devil

The title of the movie really nails it because the house that unfortunate Samantha (Jocelin Donahue) finds herself in is one that is home to the exact people that give satanists a bad name. The moment it appears on screen things immediately start to feel off. For good reason too, because everything is off. Nothing is right here because its new tenants quickly made themselves at home by murdering the previous owners and turning it into an old school satanic panic styled devil worship center. Samantha should have really just listened to her friend on this one.


7. The Myers Home – Halloween (1978)

This is a really great looking place, or it was at least before young Michael decided to murder his sister. Michael Myers makes his childhood home his temporary hideout while he prepares for his night of delivering more tricks than treats. What makes the Myers home really work as a successful lair is it lives up to its reputation. All the residents of Haddonfield stare at it with fear because of its history and claim it to be haunted, which it is. Not haunted by a ghost though, but by a past that stained the otherwise quiet town. It’s only right that when Michael came home, he went home. With the right tools, someone could probably fix the place up, but then again, who in their right mind would want to do that?


6. The Troglodyte’s Cave – Bone Tomahawk (2015)

If you thought the cave from Rogue sounded bad, you haven’t heard anything yet. The worst you’ll get in that cave is eaten alive by a giant crocodile, which compared to this one, is getting off easy. The thing about lairs is that they are nothing if not a haven for suffering. What happens in this lair in particular is torture that would make Jigsaw himself think, “whoa man chill out”.


5. The Sawyer House – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Sawyer home is a disgusting, vile place that reeks of an overdue makeover and is the home of the iconic cannibal/chainsaw fetishist Leatherface. What really sells this place is that it feels oppressive. There’s this overwhelming sense of hopelessness about it that makes it feel like something out of a nightmare. I can see why Sally (Marilyn Burns) was so happy to get the heck out of dodge, I would be too.


4. The Lighthouse – Annihilation (2017)

What is Annihilation‘s lighthouse the lair of? I have no idea, and I’ve watched this movie many, many times. What I do know is that the lighthouse is something astounding. It’s like a beacon of horrifying cosmic beauty, almost like a physical siren song calling out to those around it. The lighthouse is where the impact that created The Shimmer hit, and it feels like the epicenter and home of something truly otherworldly. This is a place no one wants to find themselves, but at the same time, somewhere they can’t help but move towards. I know it’s ironic to say this considering I’m a writer, but this place defies words. The lighthouse isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling, something that overwhelms your senses and defies all logical understanding.


3. The Titty Twister – From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

It was just supposed to be a simple hand-off, but this is a Robert Rodriguez movie, so nothing is ever going to be simple. Everything was going fine and dandy until the employees started turning into vampires and ripping all the patrons to shreds. The design of this place is fantastic, huge, vibrant, and really catches the eye. Then, you look at it from the back and realize that maybe you should skip it and head to the next ridiculous strip club because it’s built on-top of an Aztec temple filled with who knows what. I’ll say one thing though, those vampires know how to put on a show.


2. The Troll’s Home – The Treatment (2014)

If you haven’t seen this Belgian crime-horror masterpiece yet, I highly recommend it. However, I will warn it is not for the faint of heart, and even those of you with a strong stomach should probably take something to calm your nerves beforehand. The Troll’s home in this movie is what I would imagine it’d look like if you went inside the most depraved serial killer’s mind. I don’t mean in the extravagant The Cell (2000) way either, what I’m talking about is real, true, grounded depravity. This place makes me sick just thinking about it. When I started watching The Treatment I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and this place almost made me regret my decision to watch the movie in the first place- It’s that disgusting.


1. The Facility – The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

The lair to end all lairs. While a whole bunch of messed up stuff happens here, and it does rest on top of ancient evil gods, that’s not what makes it memorable. What makes this lair such a special place is that it is home to just about any physical and non-physical horror you can think of. Ghosts? Check. Evil Clown? Check. Murderous Unicorn? Check. Whatever that ballerina girl was? Check. It’s like a wonderful Pandora’s Box of evil. I could watch literally an entire movie that was just a tour of the place. Now, this is a lair!

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