LeBron James has his hands full. Between the tireless energy he’s putting towards reshaping the young Los Angeles Lakers into championship contenders, opening a public elementary school in his Ohio hometown, and starring in the long-awaited sequel to Space Jam (1996), we’d imagine that the famous athlete has enough on his plate- but we’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

Bloody Disgusting broke the news yesterday that James is in talks to produce a reboot of Friday the 13th. As the site pointed out, Lebron James is known to be a fan of the horror genre, going as far as to dress up as It‘s Pennywise the Clown last Halloween. Still, the news comes as quite the surprise given LeBron’s relatively young experience as a film-producer, as well as the legal dispute that the horror franchise is currently in the thick of.


While the involvement of LeBron James is unexpected, a Friday the 13th reboot is inevitable after the wild, record-breaking box office success that Halloween just enjoyed over the weekend (and will likely continue as the holiday grows closer). Horror is in high demand right now, with the aforementioned It raking in over $700 million during its theatrical run in 2017, and other genre titles exceeding expectations still in our current year. If Michael Myers is leading a slasher comeback, we’re here for it.

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If the deal is finalized, LeBron will be producing Friday the 13th with his Springhill Entertainment company in partnership with Vertigo Entertainment. Vertigo are no strangers to the genre, having produced It (2017), Blair Witch (2016), The Strangers (2008), and many more horror films since being founded seventeen years ago.

Are you excited for a Friday the 13th comeback? Has your mind finished processing the involvement of LeBron James? Let us know what you’re thinking, and stay tuned for more details!