The horror franchise that spawned seven films between 1993 through 2014, Leprechaun is returning in 2019 with its latest sequel from SyFy. According to SyFy Wire, the latest Leprechaun film “picks up 25 years after the events of the 1993 original, which found a maniacal leprechaun doing whatever it takes (including committing gruesome murder) to track down his stolen pot of gold.” The premise continues, “Leprechaun Returns finds the leprechaun revived in the modern day when a group of sorority girls unwittingly awaken him while tearing down a cabin to build a new sorority house.”

The latest addition to the Leprechaun franchise is penned by Suzanne Keilly (Ash vs Evil Dead), who recently Tweeted with enthusiasm regarding her involvement in the project. Her post read, “I can’t tell you how much fun it is to be a part of this”. Attached to direct is the talented Steven Kostanski, whose production company Astron-6 has produced a variety of comedic sci-fi/horror films. The Void, Kostanski’s feature film shifting from Astron-6’s usual catalogue, has garnered praise for its special effects and Lovecraftian elements. 


leprechaun returns
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Leprechaun Returns will feature actor Linden Porco (Little Man) filling the shoes of long-standing actor Warwick Davis and Dylan Postl (Leprechaun: Origins) as The Leprechaun. The film’s cast will also include Taylor Spreitler (Kevin Can Wait), Pepi Sonuga (Ash vs Evil Dead), and Sai Bennett (Close To The Enemy, Lake Placid: Legacy).

The Leprechaun franchise has made many attempts to reinvigorate the success of the original film by introducing new elements and environments to The Leprechaun universe; dropping The Leprechaun in space, to the hood, as well as an origin story. According to SyFy Wire, the franchise will attempt to bring the series back to its roots. 


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