Can’t wait another year for It: Chapter Two to come out? Fear no more — or maybe DO fear — because Party City has unveiled a 6-foot monstrosity fit to scare even the bravest member of your local Loser’s club. Pennywise the Clown is now in animatronic form, perfect for your front yard or home haunt.



A lot of people know that the unofficial start of Halloween is when Party City starts showing their Thriller commercials. But the UNOFFICIAL unofficial start comes before that – with reveals of the new props and gadgets they’re putting up for sale. This life-size Pennywise animatronic is the real deal: officially licensed with red balloon in hand. And they didn’t skimp on the scares either.


Pennywise has a motion sensor that triggers light effects, movement, and a few terrifying phrases. Almost as tall as Bill Skarsgård himself (he’s 6’4″ if you were wondering), Pennywise comes dressed in his fanciful yet frightening silver jumpsuit with blood-red detailing. Look closely and you’ll see a tightly clenched hand and bulging veins in his over-sized forehead. The best part is the eyes; judging by the photos, they’re not exactly looking in the same direction, which is a bit hilarious but also a bit unnerving – just like the movie!

We’re at the halfway mark between It installments, so if you’re looking to ramp up the clown carnage, this huge moving Pennywise is guaranteed to keep trick-or-treaters’ blood pumping and their hearts racing. Imagine walking down the street and seeing what could very well be the tallest (and creepiest) clown in existence. And now it sees you. And now it’s talking to you. And now you have to back away slowly.

Not quite ready for a life-size clown animatronic? For half the price and half the space, you can pick up Pennywise’s head in a sewer box, also motion-sensored with lights and phrases. Both are available at August 1st and in stores September 4th.


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