Fans of 2015’s The Witch can now look forward to the follow-up film from director Robert Eggers, The Lighthouse. Still in pre-production, few details have been made available, until now. Word is there have been talks for Willem Defoe to play the lead character in the upcoming film.

The Lighthouse will again be a project written and directed by Robert Eggers. While no official synopsis has been release as of yet; The film will be a thriller following an aging lighthouse keeper in Nova Scotia during the early 20th Century.

According to Deadline, Defoe will play the lead character simply named Old, who is the lighthouse keeper
mentioned. While no confirmation that Defoe has been cast, the conversation is still very much “in
talks” at this stage.


Defoe was placed recently featured on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter where he joked about how he hardly gets offered leading roles:

I’m like the boy next door, if you live next door to a mausoleum…

RT Features is set to produce The Lighthouse for A24 and New Regency. RT previously worked on Eggars’
The Witch.

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Willem Defoe is no stranger to the indie horror/thriller genre, if his casting is confirmed. Defoe has
previously worked in the genre on such films as Anti-Christ and Odd Thomas. He has also appeared in
major Hollywood productions such as Daybreakers and American Psycho.

The Lighthouse will be Robert Eggers’ next film to follow The Witch. Eggers’ in the meantime has also
been rumored to be attached to the Nosferatu remake and a few other projects.

Willem Defoe will also star in the upcoming Aquaman film from director James Wan. He is currently
nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, among other awards, for his role in The Florida Project.