Your days are numbered, 2020. You’ve been the worst year on record by a country mile and we can’t wait to put you in the ground. As far as you’re concerned, these are the end times and we are the horseman of the apocalypse signaling your demise. This may seem like a silly over-complication of what is nothing more than a simple flip of the calendar, but there is no denying that the end of nigh. And let’s be real, would you even be surprised if you turned on the news tomorrow to discover that the world was about to become a barren wasteland?

We all focus on new beginnings and fresh starts as the New Year approaches, but there can be no beginning without an end. An end to everything we know. Everything we’ve come to expect as normal and commonplace. An end to every little shitty wrinkle in the fabric of reality we’ve had to stare directly in the face for too long now. And sure, it’s scary to watch characters you love navigate a cold, uncaring land of ruthless scavengers but there is always hope in those post-apocalyptic deserts.


a quiet place


For every gang of murderers or zombies or mutated ghouls, there is a pack of optimistic survivors working to rebuild the world in their image. No matter how bleak or depressing the film, there is always a streak of hope in apocalypse cinema that one day the world will balance itself out. Earth will never look the same again after it’s been chewed-up and spit out, but it will one day (hopefully) be a world where we call all find peace.


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And let’s not forget that the Holiday season is right around the corner. Yeah-yeah-yeah, it’s different this year and we’re all upset we won’t have the opportunity to awkwardly argue with our stubborn relatives, but horror movies will always be there for us. And if you’re looking for something new to watch this year, keep an eye out for Paul Le’s December edition of Cutting it Close. Paul’s been raising a magnifying glass to the untold slashers of yesteryear for some time now and I can’t wait for him to introduce you to Trapped Alive, a “hilarious and weird ’80s holdover set in a mine with a Santa-esque cannibal”!

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