At last, Joe Hill’s Eisner award-winning IDW comic series Locke and Key (art by Gabriel Rodriguez) is coming to TV thanks to Hulu, and IT fans may want to take note.

Andy Muschietti, director of the upcoming IT film adaptation, is set to direct the hour-long pilot of Locke and Key. Writing the script is Joe Hill (son of Stephen King himself) and Carlton Cuse. Jackson Robert Scott, who portrays Georgie in the upcoming adaptation of IT, will be playing a major role in the new show. Also cast is Frances O’Connor (The Conjuring 2) as Nina Locke, Bode’s mother.


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Following their father’s gruesome murder in a violent home invasion, the Locke children return to his childhood home of Keyhouse in secluded Lovecraft, Massachusetts. Their mother, Nina, is too trapped in her grief—and a wine bottle—to notice that all in Keyhouse is not what it seems: too many locked doors, too many unanswered questions. Older kids Tyler and Kinsey aren’t much better. But not youngest son Bode, who quickly finds a new friend living in an empty well and a new toy, a key, that offers hours of spirited entertainment. But again, all at Keyhouse is not what it seems, and not all doors are meant to be opened. Soon, horrors old and new, real and imagined, will come ravening after the Lockes and the secrets their family holds.

Mark Romanek directed a Locke and Key pilot in 2011. IDW Entertainment produced the production. FOX was in the works to air the series, but the project died when FOX opted out of the deal. Since then, Joe Hill and IDW have worked long and hard get the show up and running again. But recently, with all the press Muschietti is getting for IT, it seems the project is more alive than ever. And Scott acting as Bode, the youngest of the Locke children, only helps to fan the flame.

Showrunner Carlton Cuse (The Strain, Bates Motel) is executive producing the show. As is Joe Hill, Andy and Barbara Muschietti, Lindsey Springer, and David Ozer.

Hulu has yet to set a premiere date of Locke and Key.

It will hit theaters on September 8th.