Love Can Be Murder In New DOUBLE DATE Trailer!

Is there anything scarier than dating? British horror-comedy Double Date, directed by Benjamin Barfoot, follows 29-year-old Jim (writer Danny Morgan) and his best friend, Alex (Michael Socha of Being Human and Once Upon A Time fame), as they hook up with a pair of sisters. The official synopsis reads:

Meet innocent Jim, terrified of girls, and on a reluctant quest to prove his manhood the night before he turns 30. He and his cocky friend Alex think they’ve hit the jackpot when they meet the beautiful siblings Kitty and Lulu, who seem up for anything on a wild party-fueled night. But little do they know that the femmes fatales want to make Jim lose much more than just his virginity – Getting laid has never been so bloody difficult.


The film is Directed by Benjamin Barfootm produced by Matthew James Wilkinson, and Maggie Monteith. Double Date is written by Danny Morgan. Michael Socha, Georgia Groome, Danny Morgan, and Kelly Wenham star.

Double Date hits theaters on Friday, October 13th, arguably the best possible release date for a horror movie. Get together three friends and go see Double Date! More information is available on the film’s IMDb and Facebook pages.


Poster for Horror-Comedy Film "Double Date"

Poster for Horror-Comedy Film "Double Date"


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