LUSH Brings the Scares With New Halloween Collection

It’s not often my love of bath-time and my love of horror get to collide into a swirly, sparkly, gothic mess. That’s likely the real reason we fiends tend like Halloween so much, Halloween is the only time of the year when the creepy and weird can slip into the otherwise normal parts of your day, and pumpkin-ify it. There’s creepy candy, creepy clothes, and now; CREEPY BATH STUFF.

Lush Cosmetics just dropped their Halloween collection, and we have a preview of the limited-edition lineup. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, they’ve revolutionised the smarter bath-time; creating products that are eco-friendly and often come without packaging, animal friendly and often vegan, and all-natural. I’ve long been a Lush addict, and Halloween is my favorite time to stock up on their spookiest of wares. Below is a preview of the collection:



lush halloween collection


Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream

Made with a sensual blend of a black peppercorn and patchouli infusion, and black pepper oil, our Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream helps you get down and earthy with a feast for all of your senses. Its spicy, herbal scent comingles beautifully with fair trade vanilla to weave a sweet, creamy layer of scent that will linger on your skin long after you’ve left the shower. We’ve even loaded this one with nutrient-rich wheatgerm oil to give it a super luxurious feel – perfect for dry winter skin.

The Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

You might remember our Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb from Halloweens past, and it’s baaack! And just like the shower cream, it’s made with the same intoxicating spicy blend that you can literally sink into. Drop this bath bomb into the water and its slow, hypnotic froth will go from deep green to a rich, wine-color. Sink deep and immerse your senses in its grounding fragrance.



Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

A sparkling bubble bar to make you feel re-energized! Crumble Sparkly Pumpkin under running water and its golden exterior will shine bright like a diamond in your bath water. Juniper berry, grapefruit and lime oils come to the party bringing a cocktail-like punch scent that will keep you smiling until it’s time to emerge from the tub with skin that’s irresistibly soft.


halloween lush cosmetics


Nightwing Shower Jelly

When the dark night rises, hop in the shower with Nightwing Shower Jelly and discover the citrusy salvation of lime. Shaped like a bat, this wobbly sudser will have you all in a lather from head to toe. Pop it in the freezer for an extra refreshing kick and leave the shower feeling ready to take on the night.

Lather up with Nightwing – a super citrusy sudser


halloween lush cosmetics


Aliens And Monsters Fun

A galaxy of bubbly fun is just an Aliens And Monsters Fun Kit away! Bath-stronauts everywhere will rejoice for bathtime thanks to this moldable 4-in-1 bubbler. Build a spaceship or an out-of-this-world friend with three fun colors! And when playtime is done, get clean by using it as a shampoo, soap or bubble bath.

Bat Heebie Jeebie Gift

Spooky shower delights will do anything but fright with the Bat Heebie Jeebie gift. Freeze the Nightwing Shower Jelly before you hop in the shower for a tantalizing clean or warm up with the spicy scent of the Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream.


halloween lush cosmetics


Pumpkin Heebie Jeebie Gift

An adorable pumpkin filled with treats? This one’s sure to bring a smile to anyone you gift it to. Open up Pumpkin Heebie Jeebie and you’ll find the enchanting Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and our fruity Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. These two bathing delights are perfect for warming up those long, dark nights.


halloween lush cosmetics


The Lush Halloween collection will land online on September 11 and in stores starting September 15. But, pick up your favorites fast, the best Halloween goodies tend to sell out by Mid-October.

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