Netflix has quickly amassed some of the best original television shows and movies in existence, and its adding another this June. Federico D’Alessandro will be making his feature-film directorial debut with the upcoming film, Tau. The sci-fi thriller film, written by Noga Landau (who also penned multiple episodes of The Magicians), will be available to stream on June 29th, 2018.

Tau follows the story of the young Julia (Maika Monroe), a “grifter”, that is abducted and then imprisoned in a futuristic smart house. The house is run by a superior artificial intelligence, Tau, (played by Gary Oldman) and the AI does not want Julia to leave. The woman’s resourcefulness is put to the test as she battles against time and the ever-encroaching Tau to escape her futuristic prison before it’s too late. If she can’t escape in time, Julia will suffer the same fate as the “previous subjects” imprisoned with Tau.


Tau is not the only obstacle for Julia to conquer, though. The one that captured her and imprisoned her into the smart house, Alex (Ed Skrein), is also the one who happened to develop Tau. Alex will likely play a reflection of Vincent Price’s Frederick Loren from House on Haunted Hill. Like a true mad scientist, Alex is probably going to watch Julia (his rat in the maze) from the safety of a hidden room, filled with monitors or something. He’ll use Tau to push her to her mental limit and hopefully Julia makes it out in time.

Federico D’Alessandro has an impressive resume, working on multiple Marvel films as an animatics supervisor/storyboard artist but Tau will be his directorial debut for a feature film. With his previous experience in film, the suspenseful film is likely to be a hit.

Soon Tau will be joining other Netflix sci-fi thriller gems like Lost In Space, Altered Carbon, and Black Mirror.


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