Horror fans probably know actress Andrea Riseborough best as the title character of the cult 2018 hit Mandy starring Nicolas Cage, but she’s adding a number of spooky and horror adjacent films to her resume. The first is the next installment in The Grudge series, which is set to premier in January. In that film, she’ll play the central character; a police detective and single mother named, Muldoon, who discovers her house is haunted by a vengeful spirit. She also has a role in writer/director Brandon Cronenburg’s (David’s son) sci-fi thriller Possessor. That film, which is in post production, is about a secret agent that uses technology to take over people’s bodies and carry our assassinations. Today, Variety reported on another of Riseborough’s projects that will interest horror fans, a supernatural thriller titled, Geechee.

In that film, Riseborough plays a New York based scientist who decides to relocate to the Sea Islands, a chain of tidal and barrier islands located on the Atlantic Ocean coast of the Southern United States. She grows to love her new home and its inhabitants who are descended from a centuries old group of African slaves. Things start to go awry though when the souls of those slaves begin haunting the dreams and waking world of Riseborough’s character.


Geechee was written by DuBois Ashong and will mark his feature length debut as both a writer and director. His body of work includes a number of short films that he wrote, produced, and directed. He also directed the 2018 independent, sci-fi, thriller, Where the Water Runs.

Production on Geechee is set to being in early 2020. The film is produced by AGC studios who are also developing Neil Blomkamp’s next film, the sci-fi, horror, thriller Inferno starring Taylor Kitsch.


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